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What is the relationship between Disney and videoslots?


Recently, Disney has invested more than $ 500,000 to limit gambling expansion.

At the end of last month, one of the most influential and large financial conglomerates in the field of entertainment (we are talking about the company Disney) sent an impressive amount of "donations" to maximally, as far as possible, limit the expansion of slot machines and any other gambling in the territory state of Florida. The size of the donation is 500 thousand dollars.

Such a large donation is far from the first and not the only case of such behavior of this company. For example, in April of the same year, Disney transferred more than $ 25,000 to the account of the political committee of the same state, Florida.

If you count all these investments and charitable donations, you can count the amount of $ 1 million, which is almost 80 percent of the total amount of all monetary contributions of citizens-voters.

Also, another company, which is known in the state of Florida as No Casinos Inc., has provided cash. This company stands for the fact that online casinos and slots, together with gambling operators, could not spread their influence and their working activity.

The Political Committee decided that it would be right to vote, because neither politicians and nor companies, but the voters themselves must decide what and how much they should have.