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User Agreement

List of the rules presented below is the agreement between casino and the players (Users). Registration and making bets means that the user completely agree with all terms of this agreement.

To avoid misunderstandings that may arise between the user and casino, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with all the clauses of this agreement.



1.1. By registering with Bitcoinplay casino user confirms that he reached an adulthood, according to the current legislation of the country the citizen of which he is.

1.2. The user is responsible for keeping his login and password safe.

1.3. The disclosure of registration data to third parties is prohibited.

1.4. User is obliged to inform the casino administration on misuse of his account by third parties in the shortest possible time.

1.5. One user can have only one account in the casino. Creating multiple accounts will be treated as a fraud. The casino security service, in case of suspicion a player to have several accounts, has the right to conduct a verification of personal data with temporary suspension of payments. In case of repeated violation, casino administration has the right to block such account and deny payments.

1.6. By registering user agrees that casino administration will notify him about casino promotions via personal messages and / or via email specified during registration.



2.1. Bitcoinplay casino is obliged not to disclose personal information and information about user’s transactions to third parties.



3.1. All deposits and withdrawals are making according to “Cashier” rules.

3.2. User needs to be registered in Bitcoinplay casino to have the possibility to deposit money. User needs to go to “Cashier” page and to make deposit using generated payee address and his bitcoin wallet. After successful payment the deposit will be credited to the account and displayed in “Balance” column. To withdraw winnings user needs to apply for withdrawal on “Cashier” page.

3.3. While withdrawal request is processing, the money is not debited from the account and not “frozen”. Player has an opportunity to play for this money, but he should ensure that it is enough cash on the account to pay by application. Otherwise, withdrawal request is canceled.

3.4. User are solely responsible for providing correct payment details including amount and payee details. Bitcoinplay casino does not return funds that were lost in case of submitting to incorrect provided data (wallet address).

3.5. Bitcoinplay casino does not ask for any documents to withdraw.

3.6. Administration is not responsible for failure or breakdown of the user’s equipment, for unstable program working that can lead to the loss of funds.



4.1. Using bonuses means that user is familiar with the casino bonus policy, as well as with the wagering rules (page “Bonuses”). Bonuses activation rules and wagering rules are sent to users via email or described at promo page. Bonus activation is carried out by the user himself and can not be deactivated.

4.2. Bitcoinplay casino has the right to terminate or cancel current promotions and bonus offers without prior notification.

4.3. Use of bonuses with the enrichment aim is treated as an abuse.

4.4. Registration of more than one account per person, family, physical or IP address is treated as an abuse.

4.5. Abusive users are deprived of the right to receive casino bonuses. All active bonuses will be canceled. In case of regular violations, account may be blocked.

4.6. Casino administration may refuse to participate in promotions and bonus offers to individual users without explanation.



5.1. Inactive (previously open) games with zero balance are closed automatically in 20 days.



6.1. Casino administration reserves the right to make changes to the conditions, rules and terms without prior notification.

6.2. In case of disagreements in interpretation of the conditions, rules and terms the final decision remains with the casino administration and can not be contested.

6.3. This agreement is effective from the moment of acceptance by you and shall remain in force for an unlimited time.